Foam Materials

Polyisocyanurate Insulation

We use TRYMER® polyisocyanurate insulation in multiple densities: 2lb, 2.5lb, 3, 3.5, 4 and 6lb pcf.

  • Closed cell structure
  • Water/vapor/chemical resistance
  • Fabrication ease
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Long lasting
  • Temperature range from -297°F to 300°F

Bunstock comes as 48" width, 12-24" height (dependant on density,) standard 96" length (custom lengths available) and can be fabricated many ways:

  • Sheets as thin as .375"
  • Thickness tolerance of +/- .015"
  • Blocks as thick as the stock
  • Specialty wire profiled shapes
  • CNC router fabrication

We also work with High Density Polyurethane foams from 7lb to 20lb pcf and Expanded Polystyrene 1lb and 2lb pcf.